Dan Dunbar

Novelist, ScreenWriter

First and foremost, I am a storyteller. Whether it's through video editing, as I have done for 40 years, or now through narrative prose and scriptwriting, I like to leave the audience with an emotion they can take with them.

Scroll down for more information regarding the three novels I have that are works in progress, and three scripts: one a feature southern gothic thriller, a buddy limited series based on three female friends in Queens and Scarsdale, NY, and a Twilight Zone-ish short.



When a charismatic killer stumbles onto a once-in-a-lifetime chance for wealth, he must first get past a mute teenage girl who walks among the dead.

Sally has always been trapped in a world of silence. When she was a young child, a near-drowning accident left her with a severe communication disorder, making it impossible for her to speak or make herself understood by others. But Sally has a secret-- she possesses supernatural powers that have always been her only way of connecting with the world.

Paul, Sally's older brother, brings home his new friend, Victor, whom no one suspects hides a dark secret. Desperate to find a cache of diamonds rumored to be hidden on the family farm, Victor will stop at nothing to get his hands on the valuable gems. As he begins stalking Sally and threatening her family, she is forced to rely on her powers to protect them and bring Victor to justice.

With no way to communicate her fear to her loved ones, Sally is on her own in the fight against the dangerous treasure hunter. As the danger grows and the stakes get higher, she must confront the limits of her abilities and the dangers of her own strength. Can Sally outsmart Victor and keep her family safe, or will her silence be their downfall? "Sally and the Hunter's Moon" is a gripping tale of survival and the power of the human spirit.

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At a military academy, a young cadet rises in the pecking order until he's faced with the ultimate decision: to take down the campus king. It's a face-off with moral and mortal consequences.

A teenager, bullied all his life, discovers his best defense is offense and embarks on a journey to become a badass himself. At a military academy he rises in the pecking order until he's faced with the ultimate decision - to take down the campus king. It's a face-off with moral and mortal consequences.

This coming-of-age story, set in a military academy during the era of the unpopular and waning War in Vietnam, captures the antics and drama of barracks life during a period of conflicting cultures, politics, and the draft.


Adventures abound in this true story of a modern-day buccaneer whose success as a gentleman smuggler lands him in prison, forcing him to discover the spirits that drive him and to face his own heritage.

When Dash Davidson embarks on the adventure of a lifetime, smuggling pot across the Caribbean, his goals are cash and glory. As the exploits and dangers mount, he discovers that he has another, subliminal role - to prove his courage and mettle to ghosts from the past. It's a revealing tale of bravery in honor of southern history.



Three women in Queens, New York are roommates and best friends, but as they marry and pursue careers their lives become more complicated and dysfunctional. Tensions arise, loyalties are frayed, and the limits of their bonds are tested.

SCARS/dale is a 6-hour buddy series spanning 25 years, testing the loyalties and binding strengths of the "Triangle," comprised of Dora, MacKenzie, and Lara.

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Echoes Through Time

When a literature professor stumbles into a time portal and finds himself in a fictional creation from a book set in the year 1902, he must defend himself against a murder accusation in a world that he believes does not exist. He fights to convince the court he is an innocent time-traveler and in doing so, changes the course of history.

Written in the television style of shows such as "Twilight Zone" and "Alfred Hitchcock Presents," this 30-minute short is entertaining with a surprise ending.


Award-Winning Producer
Director of the TV Graduate Program
College of Communication
Boston University

"Anyone who has ever edited a documentary knows that it's 30 parts art, 30 parts skill, 30 parts communication, and after that, it's just plain luck. Working with Dan on this one-hour documentary has been a pure pleasure. He's technically so skilled and he is so committed to the art of the project that it's easy to forget what a really wonderful communicator he is - both in writing emails to clarify or keeping the producer up to speed and in terms of sharing his ideas with thoughtfulness and without ego. Out of 10 stars, Dan is an 11."


Award Winning Journalist
Television Correspondent,
Political Speechwriter, Anchor

"One of the many things that Dan Dunbar adds to the editing process is the peace of mind that comes from having a second chance. While you are agonizing over how you can possibly re-shoot something you made of mess of - he is quietly working away - figuring out how to make what you have work - work really well - and make you look good in the process. He is to the film making process what a Mulligan is to golf. A second chance for fallible mortals with the best of intentions."

"I have worked with Dan on a number of projects. He is skilled in Avid and Final Cut Pro editing and has experience in editing of various language video programmes as the United Nations produces most of its products in the six official languages - Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Spanish and Russian. Dan is skilled especially in editing promotional pieces, advocacy videos and short and long format video features. We worked together on the farewell tribute to the former Secretary-General, Kofi Annan, which turned out to be a very touching and engaging visual product."


TV Producer at United Nations


Television Producer at NBC News

"During our time together, Dan consistently proved himself not only as a skilled editor but as someone with sound news judgment. In a high-pressure network news environment where tight deadlines are common, it helped to know I had him on my team. Dan was often tasked with editing breaking news stories for air and he did so with a tireless work ethic, a commitment to quality, and a creative approach to problem solving."


Best Editing Boston NATAS


Best editing PM Magazine Market 10 - 25, 1984 & 1985 Top 10 Markets 1985 & 1986